How to let your property

How to let your property | Part 5: Move-in process

The fifth step of any property let is to make sure the move-in process runs smoothly as possible. There are many reasons why you need to make sure your agent helps you with the move-in process for your new tenants. Part 5 of our guide helps you with how your agent should help you with the move-in process.

Your agent will make sure the move-in process goes as smoothly as possible for you and the tenants. There are a number of things that should be done to ensure this. Firstly, the legally binding tenancy agreement must be read and signed. This can be helped by the use of electronic signatures which speeds up the process. Secondly, the move-in money is paid which normally includes the first month’s rent and deposit.

Next, the inventory is read and signed and finally, the tenants will receive all of the legal documents needed. Such as the how-to rent leaflet, gas safety certificate, prescribed information with the deposit, the deposit guidance leaflet, EPC, along with helpful information like who to contact about maintenance and what time scales they should expect.

Your first month’s rent will be accounted for and the agents agreed fees and other costs will be deducted and the remainder will be transferred to you as soon as possible. You’ll also receive a payment advise; you know when this happens. In a fully managed service. Now that the tenant is all settled into your property, you can be assured your rent will be received, chased and tenants dealt with if required.

Your renewal end dates are accounted for and you will be a liaison with on future plans. Good agents will carry out management visits up to three times a year and arrange annual safely checks to take place and let you know of any problems or issues. If you are managing the property yourself, keep in touch with your tenants and visit the property. Don’t forget though you must give at least give twenty-four hours written notice of this.

When the original tenancy ends, your agents can help with any extension for you and prepare all the paperwork. This is so that they can check the property condition and arrange the deposit to be released after all the parties have agreed on any deductions.

Hope this video series helps you with your property let.

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